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Program I
Nancy reads one of her books, then shows her tools, and through a highly interactive demonstration shows how her illustrations are created. Children also see original artwork and “positives”. Short  Q & A.

Kindergarten – Grade 2

30 - 35 minute session, no more than 30 children in each session

Limit 3 sessions per day. 

Program II
Nancy reads one of her books, shows the process of “How a picture book becomes a book”, from thumbnail sketch to finished artwork and text; design and production. The program includes a longer Q and A.

Grades 2 and 3

45 minute session, no more than 30 children in each session.

Limit 3 sessions per day  

Program III
November and December only. Nancy reads Paperwhite, shows her tools, original art, press sheets, and does an interactive demonstration about cut paper illustration, and “how the pictures help tell the story”  (visual literacy). Plants a paperwhite bulb with the children. Includes bulb planting materials.

Grades pre-k – 2

45 minute session, no more than 25 children in each session.

Limit 3 sessions per day.  

Program IV
Discussion with students about recycling, Nancy reads Recycle Every Day! shows her tools, original art and positives, does an interactive design demonstration, students find recycled papers and recycled materials in the art. Q & A.

Grades 1 & 2

40 minute session, no more than 30 children in each session.

Limit 3 sessions per day.

Program V
Nancy reads The Valentine Express, shows her tools, demonstrates color interaction and designing a page.  Children also look at original artwork and transparencies from the book then they create original cut paper art valentines. (One to take and one to donate to a local social service agency, arranged by the school or library.)

Grades 2 & 3

60 minute session, no more than 20 children in each session.

Limit 3 sessions per day

Program VI
Writer’s Workshop - Getting Started. Nancy leads the students through her process of getting started from brainstorming to a simple thumbnail sketch. Fun and active!

Grade 2

55 minute session

Limit 3 sessions per day


Visual Literacy: how the artwork helps tell the story

How a Book becomes a Book!

Talk plus hands on workshop 


*Programs can be created to meet the specific needs and interests of the group.

*Cut paper art experiences can be added to programs I - V, this would require
additional time and additional fees.

*Travel expenses are required beyond a 30 mile radius.

Quotes about my programs

“Nancy shows young children the excitement of coming up with an idea and bringing it to fruition in a beautiful book. She is a wonderful speaker and connects beautifully with the children.  I have gotten raves from students, staff, parents and parents about Nancy’s program and I recommend her highly to other schools. She models for all of us the deep human connection through her characters, stories and awesome cut-paper illustrations.”

Barbara M. Stern, Principal of a “super kindergarten” that has 18 K classes


“Nancy is a very spirited and energetic educator. Nancy designed her lessons to meet the needs of our writing curriculum. She was able to motivate each and every student in our first and second grade class to believe in themselves as artists and writers.” 
Kate Fleming, 2
nd grade teacher


“I simply cannot praise Nancy enough. A terrific person and wonderful with children. Nancy is very talented! Children respond to her with enthusiasm. She engages them the moment she starts. Her presentations are superb!”

Janis Isenberg, Children’s Librarian

Nancy has presented at these conferences:

California Reading Association

Connecticut Library Association

Michigan Reading Association

National Conference for Teachers of English (NCTE)

National “I teach Kindergarten”

New England Regional SDE conference

New Jersey SDE conference

 Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 2008-2012.
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